Birth Cost Recovery Program Research Recruiting Participants

Graphic with father and pregnant mother swinging child in the air with details in a text box: The Birth Cost Recovery program holds unmarried, non-custodial fathers responsible for childbirth costs. The UW-Madison Department of Population Health Sciences is conducting a research study about the impact of this program on Black families. If you are a Black resident of Dane or Milwaukee county and have given birth since 2012, click here to take our screening survey and see if you qualify for a 1 hour Zoom interview. Compensation available.

Dr. Tiffany Green, UWPRC Affiliate, is recruiting research participants for 1-hour interviews about their experiences with the Birth Cost Recovery program. Participants will be compensated $50 for participating in a virtual interview. Black residents of Dane and Milwaukee counties that have given birth after 2012 are invited to complete a screening survey to see if they qualify.

Screening Survey