The University of Wisconsin-Madison Prevention Research Center (UWPRC) is taking on the maternal health crisis to find solutions that incorporate the true needs and desires of Black women and birthing people by hosting screenings of the documentary BIRTHING JUSTICE April 11, 2023 between 5-8 PM at Urban League of Greater Madison (2222 S. Park St. #STE 200 Madison, WI 53713) and April 27, 2023 between 12:00-2:30 PM on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus in Health Sciences Learning Center Room 1345 (750 Highland Ave.1345 Health Sciences Learning Center Madison, WI 53705). Film screenings will be followed by a panel discussion. Both events are free and all are welcome.

Black women are 4X more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes than white women. BIRTHING JUSTICE is a featured length documentary that tells the story of the crisis faced by Black mothers and their children and the solutions needed to transform the maternal care system. The documentary flips the victim-blaming narrative by centering the lived experiences of Black women and their advocates as they fix a broken system one birth at a time.

Information on the future UWPRC project led by Dr. Kara Hoppe combating maternal mortality in Wisconsin communities will be presented at each event, along with ways for community members to be actively involved and share their voices. A panel discussion will be held following the screenings with doulas, community members, and medical practitioners.

The screening on April 11, 2023 will be held during the 6th Annual Black Maternal Health Week for community members to gather in a safe space, enjoy a warm meal together, view the film, and collectively discuss the solutions and investments needed to improve maternal health outcomes in our community.

The screening on April 27, 2023 will be held at UW-Madison to engage the campus community in avenues for future research and activism.

Registration is free and required. Register today!