New Funding to Develop Targeted PCORI Funding Announcements (PFA) Approved

PCORI update from June 14, 2022:

Board Approves New Funding Opportunities, Strategic Plan

At its June meeting today, PCORI’s Board of Governors approved more than $100 million to develop Targeted PCORI Funding Announcements (PFAs) to reduce maternal health inequities, as well as for the use of telehealth to improve the management of multiple chronic conditions. Additionally, the Board heard an update on PCORI’s portfolio of funded research from PCORI’s Executive Director and an update on several focus areas from the Workgroup on PCORI Priorities for PCORnet®. Read on for more details from today’s meeting.

New Funding to Develop Targeted PFAs Approved

The Board approved two topics for the development of Targeted PFAs:

  1. PCORI Health Equity Initiative: Addressing Social and Clinical Determinants of Maternal Health with funding of up to $63 million for research on how best to address disparities in maternal health outcomes
  2. Telehealth to Optimize Management of Multiple Chronic Conditions among Vulnerable Populations in Primary Care with funding of up to $50 million for research that will compare different approaches to incorporating telehealth as part of primary care to facilitate optimal management of multiple chronic conditions

Research topics within these funding announcements were identified with extensive input from patients and stakeholders, including organizations representing states and rural communities, federal health agencies, payers, health systems, clinicians, and others across the health and healthcare continuum.

Strategic Plan Approved

The Board also approved PCORI’s Strategic Plan, which will serve as the roadmap for how PCORI will pursue its work in the years ahead. The Plan reflects a holistic approach to generating and promoting the use of evidence designed to enable a more patient-centered system of health. The Plan builds on PCORI’s past work and, recognizing the need to remain responsive to ongoing changes in the healthcare landscape, articulates a bold approach to addressing the health and healthcare challenges facing the nation.

Methodology Committee Framework and Amendment to Board Approval

The Board also approved several amended governing documents and a framework for the Board of Governors to appoint new members of the PCORI Methodology Committee, including approval of:

  1. An amended Methodology Committee charter
  2. A Conflict of Interest policy relating to PCORI funding for Board of Governors members, Methodology Committee members, and Employees, to replace the Conflict of Interest Rules for Research Funding
  3. A governance framework for nominating and appointing new Methodology Committee members

Additionally, the Board approved a revised governance framework for the approval of slates of awards.

To read more about these actions and other business discussed at the meeting, visit the website for the slides and an archive of the webinar, which will be posted soon.

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