Evidence to Implementation (E2I): RFA 2022

Pre-proposal due: July 15, 2022
Funded by the Wisconsin Partnership Program 

The PI must have faculty or scientist status at UW-Madison or Marshfield Clinic Research Institute (either sole or joint appointment)

The Evidence to Implementation(E2I) award is intended to support the dissemination and implementation of health innovations generated by researchers at UW-Madison or Marshfield Clinic Research Institute.

The D&I Launchpad team will work closely with the applicant through the award period.

This award includes up to $75,000 in direct costs, in addition to substantial in-kind D&I Launchpad Program resources for up to 18 months. In-kind support may include development and implementation of business and marketing plans, including branding, market analysis, marketing materials, financial models, and intellectual property review. The purpose of the E2I award is to facilitate and expedite the transfer of evidence-based or evidence-informed practices, interventions, and innovations to appropriate end-users. Click here to see an example of E2I Project Impact.

We encourage applicants to consider their projects through a health equity lens. Please include, if applicable, how your projects will reduce health disparities and improve health equity. For assistance please see the list of resources in the appendices within the RFA.

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Pre-proposal due: July 15, 2022

Final application due: September 12, 2022

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