Translational and Outcomes Research in Health and Health Care – Spring 2022 course

POP HLTH 709 will introduce you to translational research methods, issues, and competencies, including effectiveness, dissemination, implementation and policy research. Professor Andrew Quanbeck will take you through the steps of designing a sound and competitive project—from developing the research question to reporting the findings.

This course focuses on health issues and settings and is very appropriate for students whose research interests fall into those contexts and/or are seeking to engage with community partners in conducting their research. This is a very practical class with weekly activities that will enhance students’ research toolkits.

The course is recommended for those with at least one or two courses in research design and/or analysis.
Prerequisite: consent of instructor. To enroll in POP HLTH 709, e-mail Dr. Quanbeck at After you receive permission, forward the e-mail that states Dr. Quanbeck’s permission and your UW Student ID number to and to Deidre Vincevineus at

See the Pop Health 709 Flyer for more information.