The Periscope Project

Learn how The Periscope Project, a free statewide psychiatry access program, addresses perinatal mental health by building health care providers capacity during a 10-minute information session. Sign up for a session today.

Mental health conditions are the most common complication of pregnancy affecting 1 out of every 5 women. Although these conditions are preventable and treatable, 75% of women with symptoms will not receive treatment. During the perinatal period, most women interact with a health care provider roughly 20 times providing ample opportunity to address mental health conditions. The Periscope Project exists to support Wisconsin statewide mental health screening initiatives by offering frontline line health care providers real-time access to perinatal psychiatric expertise as well as education and connection to community resources. This provider to provider program is offered at no added cost to provider or patient and available regardless of health care system affiliation or insurance coverage.