From Pregnancy to Policy: Experiences of Birthing People in the United States

From the AAMC Center for Health Justice:

As the AAMC Center for Health Justice prepares for the inaugural Maternal Health Incubator later this month to address the longstanding trends of racial and ethnic health inequities for women and birthing people, hearing directly from those who have given birth is of high importance. In March and April 2022, the AAMC Center for Health Justice polled a nationally representative sample of people who gave birth in the past five years to learn about their experiences. This data brief highlights findings from the poll to provide insights about the complications and discrimination individuals have faced during pregnancy and childbirth and following childbirth and provides data for populations about whom there is limited research, such as LGBTQ+ populations.

The poll revealed surprising differences in childbearing experiences, and significant gaps in postpartum complications, mental health screening, access to paid leave, the impact of COVID-19, and experiences of discrimination.

An infographic showing birthing experience disparities by generation, income, urbanicity, and sexual orientation.

On May 24 and 25, the center will host the Maternal Health Incubator, convening policy makers, public -health experts, clinicians, community workers, and other experts to identify evidence-based, innovative approaches for addressing health inequities for birthing people, and to share more findings from the poll. Register now to join the conversation!

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