AABN featured in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article about doulas

A recent article by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “Even after a major push to lower Black infant mortality in Milwaukee, many babies aren’t living to see their first birthday,” discusses how doula services can support women during pregnancy, labor, and birth and in turn improve birth outcomes, especially for African American women. Dalvery Blackwell, founder of UWPRC partner AABN, shared how Milwaukee County hospitals need to be more baby friendly.

One thing that could help Milwaukee County hospitals could become more “baby friendly,” said Dalvery Blackwell, founder of the Milwaukee-based African American Breastfeeding Network.

“It gets back to institutionalized racism in health care settings,” she said.

Compare hospitals in Brookfield and Mequon with hospitals in Milwaukee, and you’ll see stark differences in how the needs of infants and mothers are addressed, Blackwell said.

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