COVID-19 Response Focus on Social and Emotional Health Grant Program

Children and adolescents are particularly vulnerable to the social and emotional health effects of the pandemic as they navigate school closures and the postponement of social activities, illness or death of loved ones, and stress due to the multitude of other pandemic impacts.

The UW SMPH Wisconsin Partnership Program recently released a Request for Proposals to support effective and innovative approaches to addressing social emotional health of adolescents.  For the purposes of this funding program, we are defining adolescence as being between 10 and 21 years of age. Priority will be given to those organizations that can illustrate a track-record of successfully supporting this population and that have established trust-based relationships. 

See this WPP Request for Proposals for detailed information and instructions.

  • Amount/Duration: Up to $200,000 for two years
  • Letters of Intent Due: May 17, 2021
  • Eligible Community Lead Organizations: Wisconsin-based, nonprofit, IRS tax exempt, 501(c3) organization, pre-K12 school or district, or a tribal or local government entity.
  • Questions? Contact Andrea Dearlove at