Deanna McKinney

Position title: Outreach Specialist


Deanna's Headshot

After earning her degree in Dental Hygiene, Deanna McKinney worked for ten years in private dental practice, volunteering in various oral health programs including, Healthy Smiles for Portage County school-based dental sealant program, Special Olympics Special Smiles and the Wisconsin Dental Association Missions of Mercy. Her passion for public health motivated her to find ways to make a larger impact which propelled her to become the program lead of the Healthy Smiles for Portage County program.  Her collaborations with Boys and Girls Club of Portage County, Charles F Fernandez Center for Alternative Learning, Ministry Dental Center and Wisconsin Farm Technology Days generated programs that increase access to oral health care for many underserved populations.  She is thrilled to take on the role of Outreach Specialist with the School of Medicine and Public Health.