Janean Dilworth-Bart, PhD, MS

Position title: Steering Committee Member

Email: jedilworth@wisc.edu

A headshot of a woman in black and white. She has short hair and is wearing glasses and smiling at the camera.

Janean Dilworth-Bart, PhD, MS is a UWPRC Steering Committee Member. She is a Professor in and Chair of the Department of Human Development and Family Studies in the School of Human Ecology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Dilworth-Bart’s focuses on self-regulation development and the transition to elementary school. She is particularly interested in how parent-child relationships, co-parenting, and fathering relate to this transition in Black families. She also examines how exposure to chemical and nonchemical pollutants and psychosocial stressors impact school readiness and achievement in higher and lower risk communities.