Opioid Overdose Mortality Trends in Wisconsin, 1999-2018

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Nacev, E., Jenkins, M. C., Lee, C. W.

Background: Opioid-related mortality in Wisconsin by race differs from national trends: in 2017, Black Wisconsinites were 87% more likely than whites to die by opioid overdose. Little attention has been paid to this disparity and the increase in mortality in the Black community.

Methods: We characterize trends in mortality due to opioid overdose in Wisconsin using CDC Wonder data for 1999-2018 by race, age, and gender. ICD-10 codes were selected per national guidelines for identifying opioid-related overdose deaths.

Results: Opioid overdose mortality increased 956% during the study period. Black populations had consistently higher risk than white populations, with an older age distribution.

Conclusion: We identify a disparity in opioid overdose mortality that has persisted over time in Wisconsin, indicating a possible gap in services.

July, 20, 2020.