Middle Passage Acknowledgement

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Prevention Research Center recognizes the forced migration and enslavement of African people.

Between the 16th and 19th centuries people in Africa were forcibly removed from their homes, enslaved, and trafficked via the Middle Passage. We remember those who did not survive the Middle Passage and those whose labor was exploited for generations in the establishment of the current economy.

We acknowledge the physical, mental, financial, and spiritual effects that continue to be inherited by Black people today, including generational traumas and systemic racism. Additionally, we recognize our work comes from an institution that has been built from the exploited labor of Black people.

We recognize and respect the resilience of the previous and current generations fighting for freedom and against injustices. The history of the Middle Passage informs our work and vision for a collaborative future.

Below are some resources to help overcome the racial injustices in maternal and child health and build a more equitable future.