Dissemination Planning Tool

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Prevention Research Center (UWPRC) has developed a tool for investigators to use in preparing research dissemination activities with non-academic audiences, particularly those that have been historically underrepresented. Jane Mahoney, MD, UWPRC Associate Director of Translation, collaborated with investigators and the UWPRC Translational Partners Panel (TPP) to create the Dissemination Planning Tool. The Dissemination Planning Tool guides investigators through the process of deliberately planning the distribution of research findings, information, and tools.

Beginning at the initial stage of a project, investigators complete the tool throughout their research to intentionally contemplate potential research products, identify target audiences invested in implementing or sharing products, and strategize the best route for engaging those audiences. Instructions for completing the tool are available in the Dissemination Planning Tool document. All investigators are encouraged to download and use the tool as they consider dissemination efforts with community and practice audiences, organizations, and individuals who can use their research products to improve health.